Create a Promo Reminder

Selling books regularly is more involved these days than just writing good. You also need to learn to become a good promoter and marketer.

Part of that is keeping track of which books are due for promotion and when every other one will be due. That's where our promo reminders come in handy.

This is especially useful for authors in KDP Select, since it's been shown that using all of your free days religiously can greatly improve sales. Personally, I saw a 50% increase in income once I started using all of my free days. 

You can create a promo reminder either when creating a promo, or by itself.

If you'd like to create a promo reminder by itself, head to your list of promos, click "view reminders," then click "create reminder."

You'll be asked which book you want to promote, when you want the reminder, and to include a link to Amazon's Promotion Manager for that book (only necessary if you're in KDP select).

Amazon's Promotion Manager URL

To get a link to your book in Amazon's Promotion Manager, head to your Amazon bookshelf and search for the book you wish to create a reminder for.

Once you find it, click on "Promote and advertise."

Now you're in Amazon's promotion manager. You can copy the URL at the top of your broswer now and use that, or if you only run a specific type of promotion (free or countdown) you can go to that page and get that URL instead.

Now copy the URL at the top of your screen. That's your free/countdown specific Amazon Promotion Manager URL.

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