Creating/importing a Book in Booksprout

Books are the building block of many Booksprout features. Without them, you can't really do a lot so it's important to add a few!

To create your first book, head to your book list and click "create book" or "import book" if it's already live on Amazon. Note that importing doesn't always work as it relies on Amazon's API, which can be a little strange in certain cases. If it's not working for you, click "create book" instead.

Depending on what you want to do with your book, you will need to ensure a few different things.

If you want to create an ARC after

When creating an ARC you'll only be able to select books that meet the following criteria.

  1. You must upload at least one ebook file
  2. You must select the checkbox that says these files are suitable for "Advance Review Copies"

If you want to create a promo after

Promos can be created on any Booksprout book. I'd recommend having a cover, otherwise you may not get many clicks in the app.

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