Creating and managing a Booksprout ARC

This article will guide you through the steps required to create and manage a Booksprout ARC.

Create a book

Books are a building block in Booksprout. Add them once, then you can quickly run ARCs and promos on them in the future without having to re-add all of the information.

Head to your book listings page in Booksprout's author dashboard and either create or import a book from Amazon.

Important: When creating a book that you wish to run an ARC on, make sure you upload at least one ebook file.

Once your book is added, we can proceed.

Create an ARC for that book

Now that your book details are in Booksprout, we can create an ARC for it. Head to your ARC listings page in Booksprout's author dashboard and click "create ARC."

You'll be greeted with a form that asks you for information related to your ARC. Select your book and ARC options, then click save at the bottom!

Let your ARC team know about it

At the moment, Booksprout does not have support for ARC teams. We just manage ARCs and keep records of past participants (who participated, who completed their review, etc). Soon there will be functionality for you to create an ARC team within Booksprout.

Until then, it's up to you to let your ARC team know about your ARC.

Back on your ARC listings page, you can see a shareable link for any ARC. This is where you want to send your reviewers.

Using your medium of choice (email, facebook, twitter, etc), send your review team that link. They'll just need to click it and follow the prompts on our website to get your ARC.

View reviews as they come in

A great feature of Booksprout is the ability to see reviews as people write them instead of waiting for your book to be live. This gives you the chance to fix any final mistakes before publishing. 

To see reviews, simply click on the "from # ARC reviews" link:

Request ARC reviews

Once your book has been published on all of the websites that you've required reviewers to review on, head back to your ARC listings and click the "Request ARC reviews" button for your ARC. You'll be taken to one final form that will ask you where people can find your book.

Fill in all of the information that's required and click "Request Reviews" at the bottom.

Requesting reviews will immediately stop any new reviewers from downloading your ARC and will initiate the final phase of your ARC.

Follow up emails

In the final phase, Booksprout takes over. It sends an email out to everyone who downloaded your ARC and lets them know that it's time for them to leave their reviews. If they don't do that within two days, we send a final follow up email.

They can click a link in either of those follow ups that will bring them back to your ARC on Booksprout where they'll tell Booksprout which reviews they've completed. If possible, with a direct link to their review on each website. At time of this writing, only Amazon and Goodreads have dedicated review URLs, so for the other websites we take the reviewer's word for it.

Manually approve reviews for a reviewer

Sometimes, you might have a reviewer that's having trouble proving to Booksprout that they've completed their review on external websites. If you like, you can manually tell Booksprout that they're done.

To do so, head to your ARC listings and click on the "# copies claimed" link for your ARC where you'll be shown a list of all participants.

To approve someone manually, click the "Mark Review as Complete" link in the same row as their email address.

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