How to re-send a Booksprout ARC

This article will explain how to download a Booksprout ARC for the first time, or download it again.

First, head to the ARC you wish to download. If you're not where where to find it, you can find all of the available ARCs here and all of the ARCs you've promised to review here.

Once you've selected the ARC you wish to download, we can proceed.

Go to the download step

Any ARC (even one you've already downloaded before) can be downloaded this way. Click the second circle at the top:

Select your download method

Click on your preferred method of getting the ebook

Depending on the download method chosen, you'll be greeted with some different options.

For "Send Via Email"

Simply press the "Email now" button. Note that you may need to select which file type you want first. If you're not sure which you need, please refer to the information in the "direct download" steps below.

For "Direct Download"

Step 1: Select your preferred filetype. Depending on your device, you'll need to choose from MOBI, EPUB, and PDF. Note that if a certain filetype is not available, you will need to contact the author and ask them to upload it for you. Booksprout can only provide the filetypes they supply to us.

The MOBI filetype is for Kindle devices and apps.

The EPUB filetype is for most other e-readers, including Kobo and Barnes & Noble.

The PDF filetype is the most universal and can be opened on most devices (including computer) but it might not display as nicely on small screens.

Step 2: click "Download now" and your chosen file will be downloaded to your current device!

For "Send to Kindle"

Step 1: First, please provide us with your @kindle email address. This is supplied by Amazon for each kindle device you own.

Step 2: Second, make sure you've added our [email protected] email address to your kindle approved senders and check the box. The steps to do this can be found on Amazon's website.

Step 3: Click "Send to Kindle now" and we'll send it to your kindle!

Note: If your book does not arrive on your kindle, you can still access the ARC files in a duplicate email we send to your email account. Here are some steps you can take in this situation to get the ARC to your kindle.

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