FAQ - What does a blocked reader see?

When you block a reader you may be concerned that the reader knows they are blocked. Readers who cannot view your ARCs for a variety of reasons will receive a generic 403 Forbidden error.

If a reader reaches out to the help desk, know that our support staff cannot see if or why you blocked a reader. Therefore, our reply to the reader says the following:

Some common reasons why an ARC may be restricted are:
1) The author limited it to only certain email addresses/readers and either your email isn't on the list or you're not logged into BookSprout with the email the author used (Private ARCs)
2) The author has blocked you from reviewing their books
3) You do not meet the level of "freeloader protection" the author has placed on the book.

It is up to the author, if the reader reaches out, to decide if or when to engage. You do not have to respond to a reader inquiry, nor do you have to explain to them why you blocked them.

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