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How to Complete Your Booksprout ARC Review

Okay, so you've downloaded an ARC from one of your favorite authors via Booksprout and are now stuck, wondering how you get our system to recognize the fact that you've actually completed your reviews!

In order for that to happen, there's a few things you'll need to do.

  1. Write a review on Booksprout
  2. Write a review on all websites that are required by the author
  3. Prove to Booksprout that you've done all required reviews.

Go to the ARC's page on Booksprout

To write a review on Booksprout, you'll need to head back to the ARC on our website. Make sure you're logged in. If you're not sure if you are or not, head to our login page. If you're asked to login, please do.

You can get the link to the ARC either in an email we've sent you or by viewing your promised ARCs on our website and clicking on the cover of the book you want to review.

Write your review on Booksprout

To get to our review section, you'll need to click on the third circle near the top.

Once there, you should see a form where you can either write your review or cancel your promise to do so. Fill out that form with your review and click "Save" at the bottom.

Write your review on external websites

Once your review is saved on Booksprout, you'll need to copy it over to all of the external websites that the author requires.

Click on the fourth circle near the top to get to the screen where you can do this.

Scroll down and you should see a form you'll need to fill out to prove that you've left your review on all required websites. Any website that's marked with a red "Required" marking means the author is requiring you to review on that website in order for your ARC to be considered complete.

Note: In the above screenshot, Amazon is marked as required and Goodreads is optional.

Prove you've left your reviews

Booksprout helps authors spend less time monitoring their ARC team and more time writing. To help with this, we ask that every reviewer provide a link to their review on all required external websites. This way, the author can quickly and easily check if you've completed the ARC.

If you need help proving to Booksprout that you've actually done your reviews , please refer to the following guides that will walk you through step by step. 

How to leave a review and prove it to Booksprout on...

Choose files or drag and drop files
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  1. [email protected]

    I am incredibly frustrated.  I've followed all the steps, but it still says I've only completed three of the four steps.  I'm so done with this whole process.  This was my first and last experience doing an ARC.  I'm done!

  2. [email protected]

    I did everything right but it still don't go through HELP!! PLEASE!!

  3. [email protected]

    I really enjoyed reading a copy of A Knead to Kill. This cozy mystery kept your attention andkept you guessing about who the killer was and why they did it. I highly recommend it to all cozy fans.

    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  4. [email protected]

    I have the same problem. I have written 3 reviews, saved them only to be taken back to the same page and the little pen sign is still shaded, not green. Fed up to be honest and seriously considering removing my promise. A ridiculous system that doesn't work.

  5. [email protected]

    I have been trying to complete my review but every time that I try it said that I still need to completed.  What I am doing wrong?  Any help?

  6. [email protected]

    It keeps telling me I’ve not completed the reviews but I have. What can I do to have this corrected? 

  7. [email protected]

    I’ve done everything and it still says I didnt

  8. [email protected]

    I was contacted by the company and replied informing them that this system is not working as it should. I had the same problems and even took screenshots of this page (4 images total)  of how many people were having the same issue. I told her that even after filling the proper ARC procedures BS is NOT working after we do all that is requested. I love a company that is trying to help authors with promotions but them NOT WILLING to hear a customer and look into THEIR app-having some serious issues-and blaming is of incompetence is unforgivable. My frustration continues as one again-another company is pushing blame on  customers.

  9. [email protected]

    I have done all this with the reviews. And it still says not complete. It is so aggravating

  10. [email protected]

    I am finding it so difficult to review on Booksprout. I have written my review so many times I’m losing the will to live. Every time I go back to try again, it’s gone, even after pressing the save button. I am finding it so time consuming, it shouldn’t be this hard just to leave a review. I lost an ARC place on another Authors list for this same reason. Using Amazon is so much easier than Booksprout. I will try one more time. ☹️