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Connect your Mailchimp account

When you create a pen name, you'll be asked if you want to integrate your newsletter with Booksprout. Follow these steps to integrate Mailchimp for your pen name.

First, make sure you select "Form Input" when creating your pen name:

Then, enter a description of what people can expect to get by joining your newsletter.

And finally, get your HTML form code from Mailchimp. You can follow Mailchimp’s instructions to get your HTML form code. It should look something like this:

<!-- Begin MailChimp Signup Form -->
<div id="mc_embed_signup">
<form action="//" method="post" id="mc-embedded-subscribe-form" name="mc-embedded-subscribe-form" class="validate" target="_blank" novalidate>
 <div id="mc_embed_signup_scroll">
 <h2>Subscribe to our mailing list</h2>
<div class="indicates-required"><span class="asterisk">*</span> indicates required</div>
<div class="mc-field-group">
 <label for="mce-EMAIL">Email Address <span class="asterisk">*</span>
<input type="email" value="" name="EMAIL" class="required email" id="mce-EMAIL">
 <div id="mce-responses" class="clear">
 <div class="response" id="mce-error-response" style="display:none"></div>
 <div class="response" id="mce-success-response" style="display:none"></div>
 </div> <!-- real people should not fill this in and expect good things - do not remove this or risk form bot signups-->
 <div style="position: absolute; left: -5000px;" aria-hidden="true"><input type="text" name="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" tabindex="-1" value=""></div>
 <div class="clear"><input type="submit" value="Subscribe" name="subscribe" id="mc-embedded-subscribe" class="button"></div>
<!--End mc_embed_signup-->

Once you're done filling out all of those details, you can save your pen name. Now readers will be able to join your newsletter via the Booksprout app and in our giveaways!

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