Send a Review Copy to your Kindle

If you'd like to read your review copy on your Kindle, you can use the Send to Kindle functionality. Please note that it's possible that your book gets lost in the internet when using that feature. It's not 100% reliable, so don't be afraid to try multiple times if it's not showing up. You might also have to use an alternate method to be able to read the book.

In this tutorial:

Send a Review Copy to your Kindle

  1. Navigate to My Review Copies page.
  2. Between the "Active" and "Due" tab, find the book you want to read.
  3. Click on "Download" below the book card or click on the book card itself to see more details and click on "Download again".
  4. Click the "Send to Kindle" square.
  5. Add your Kindle email address. (If you're not sure what your Kindle email address is, read this tutorial)
  6. Make sure your primary Booksprout email address is added to your approved senders. (If you're not sure how to do that, read this tutorial)
  7. Click the checkbox to confirm that you have added your email address to your approved senders.
  8. Click "Send to Kindle" to trigger the sending process.

Find your Kindle email address

  1. Visit the Manage your Devices page at Manage Your Kindle.
  2. Click on the device you want to use
  3. Copy the email address associated with that device.

Add an email to your approved senders

  1. Visit the Personal Document Settings page at Manage Your Kindle.
  2. Under "Approved Personal Document E-mail List", click on "Add a new approved e-mail address".
  3. Add your primary Booksprout email address.
  4. Click the "Add Address" button.

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