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Connect your newsletter to Booksprout

The Booksprout app gives authors the ability to connect their newsletter so that readers can subscribe to it quickly and easily. If you’d like to continue growing your newsletter alongside your Booksprout following, you'll want to make sure you connect it when creating your pen name(s).

We've made it so you can connect nearly any newsletter provider by supplying their HTML form code.

*IMPORTANT NOTES* for those using the Form Input method:

  1. Booksprout can only work with HTML form codes. Some mailing list providers supply other options, such as javascript. These won’t work with Booksprout.
  2. You cannot use a list that requires more than an email address to sign up as Booksprout does not know any more information about our users. For example, some providers will allow you to require each subscriber to provide their name in addition to their email address when subscribing. Since we are only sending their email address, the subscription will fail.

Here's some guides on how to connect some of the more popular newsletter providers to Booksprout:

  1. Connect Mailchimp
  2. Connect MailerLite
  3. Connect Aweber
  4. Connect Mad Mimi

If you're not using any of the above providers, you may need to ask their support how to get the proper HTML form code needed.

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