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Reviewer Rules & Guidelines

Reviewers who wish to use Booksprout to gain access to advanced review copies should adhere to the following guidelines. We may take action against any account found to be in violation of these rules.

You may not use the same generic review multiple times

Using the same review over and over for multiple books appears spammy and can harm an author's reputation. Do not write the same review for multiple books.

You should attempt to read and review every ARC you download

Remember: Reviewing is optional. If you do not wish to write a review, then you should cancel your promise to review that book rather than simply ignoring it. Your reason for canceling can be just as valuable to an author as an actual review.

However, if it's clear that you're downloading more books than you can handle then we may prevent you from getting any more.

No sharing copies of an ARC

It's an author's worst nightmare to find their pre-published book already in circulation without their consent. Any ARC you download should be considered an exclusive copy for your eyes only.

You should do your best to review on time

Reviews on launch day are incredibly important to authors in terms of them getting better promotional opportunities to properly take advantage of the initial boost a book gets in the short time after it's first published. A review that appears a month later isn't nearly as helpful.

Review based on the story you receive, not how it's formatted

Remember: Booksprout is all about advanced review copies. These are often formatted by the author that wrote them, so they may not contain the same formatting as you would expect from a copy you get from Amazon or another retailer.

Write your review based on the story you receive, not whether or not it has the formatting you've come to expect.

No threats

If you're found to be threatening authors for any reason, your account will be removed immediately.

Do not ask for the author to send you a copy outside of Booksprout

Booksprout has protections in place for both authors and readers. Asking authors to go outside of the system is usually an indicator of bad intentions.

Only take ARCs that you can complete your review for

When making their books available for free to you as a reviewer, authors are asking that you write your review on stores that are important to them. Please make sure that you can actually write a review on all stores that they mark as required.

Repeatedly asking authors to mark your review as complete because you cannot review on stores they ask for is not allowed.

No lying about having completed your review on any store

Lying about having completed your review on a specific store is not allowed. If you have accidentally taken an ARC that requires a review on a store you cannot review on, then please cancel your promise to review that ARC.

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  1. [email protected]

    I keep getting messages from Booksprout that I am overdue on my review. I have already posted the Goodreads and Bookbub reviews when they're available, but all that is being waited on is my Amazon review. I had to wait 7 days the other day for a review of my last book. I am a prime member and have over 5700 purchases with Amazon. There are times that I can go from putting the review into checking my profile and the review is there. Other times, I am waiting for days. Please add a checkbox for "Waiting on Amazon to post a review," for when that is all we can do is wait. I have almost lost out on a sequel to a book because of this. I was told that I could have the author accept it and that would allow me to pick up the next book, since Amazon hadn't posted. The day I asked the author about it, Amazon posted my review.

  2. [email protected]

    I agreed with everyone in here. Amazon takes forever to approve our reviews. In my case, I'm unable to leave any reviews because I didn't meet their minimum requirements.  I have to spend $50 within a year. I want to help the authors, but Amazon bound my hands. I wish authors were flexible on letting us review in other stores than Amazon. 

  3. [email protected]

    Amazon UK is a pain. I am able to download, read, review all my booksprout books on my iPhone. Really great for a busy working life. Amazon!?! I post with my phone, once l receive to amazon notification that my review is live? Have to fire up my desktop, find review, copy and paste to my husband’s email, so he can send it to my email on my iPhone. Then the copy and pasting to ARC... painful. The other sites are so much simpler. Still, l have enjoyed getting the chance to read new books, have bought further books from authors l have enjoyed, so on the whole this is a positive arrangement for me. I do really try to complete everything as quickly as possible. 

  4. [email protected]

    I agree with the previous comments about reviews being delayed by Amazon.

     I try really hard to be sure that I have completed the book by the time my review needs to be posted, but with my 92-year-old mother living with me, sometimes I get thrown a curve through no fault of my own. It would be helpful to have a place where the reviewer could give notice that their review has been inadvertently detained for a short time. Another site I review for does that and it is so helpful. I haven't had to use it but a couple of times, but it gives me the feeling of being responsible because I have given everyone a heads up that I running a little behind but definitely intend to fulfill my commitment. (Sorry to be long-winded.)

  5. [email protected]

    Yeah. Amazon is terrible at publishing submitted reviews in a timely manner. It’s funny that some books go through in minutes, and some take up to a week. What’s the best policy for this simply e-mailing the author?

  6. [email protected]

    As with the previous comment. Amazon can leave me hanging  waiting for verification. The record for me is 10 days but its frequently 4-5 days!! Due to this I am often denied the sequel as I have an 'outstanding' review which is very annoying.

    PLEASE allow another book by an author if  one ARC appears overdue by just a few days and the review is already posted in the 'Booksprout' review section

  7. [email protected]

    Reviews on launch day are incredibly important to authors " Whilst I appreciate the importance of this as a reviewer im waiting longer and longer for amazon to put my reviews up iv waited over a week. Whilst like the comment below i always review on other sites. Its super annoying for myself and the authors to wait as i no how critical reviews are. 

  8. [email protected]

    I totally agree that if you accept an ARC, you should review. Once I accept a book, I only find out after that Amazon is required. Also when I apply for a book, only Amazon is wanted, I don’t download. I still receive notice that I need to review and keep receiving. Guess there isn’t any system to know when a book isn’t downloaded 

  9. [email protected]

    "Reviews on launch day are incredibly important to authors " Whilst I appreciate the importance of this, Amazon make this increasingly difficult, I have had reviews take over a week (9 days on one occasion) to appear. This is frustrating for both the author and ourselves, I do action the review  on Goodreads and Bookbub where applicable but sometimes Amazon is the only site Authors ask for.

    I am not offering excuses for people not posting reviews as this is not fair, we are entering a contract with the author and we should uphold our end of the contract.  But Amazon are taking longer and longer to approve reviews, (Not so if it is a book you have purchased or got on KU they approve within hours 12 at most) It seems Amazon are making it harder for us to post ARC Reviews