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How to review on Amazon

If you're new to reviewing on Amazon, follow these steps to leave your review on their website and prove to Booksprout that you've completed your review.

In some cases, Amazon may prevent you from leaving a review. If that's the case, please refer to this guide on what to do when Amazon won't accept your review.

NOTE: These instructions will only work with the Amazon website. You will be unable to follow them when using the Amazon app, so make sure you're in a web browser and not the app.

Step 1

Click on the "Leave Your Review" button just under the Amazon heading. It should take you directly to the book's review page where you can leave your review.

Step 2

On Amazon's website, you should see the book you need to review at the top. Click on one of the stars to leave your rating. After rating the book, Amazon will take you through some more steps to write and complete your review.

Step 3

Once your review is completed and saved, your review should look something like this. Click on the title of your review to get taken to your review's dedicated page on Amazon.

Step 4

Once you're on a page that shows only your review, we'll need the url to it. You can usually see this at the top of your browser. Copy that URL and move onto the next step.

Step 5

Once you have the URL to your review on Amazon, head back to the ARC on Booksprout and paste it into the field provided

Step 6

Scroll down to the bottom and click the "save" button.

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  1. [email protected]

    Please note that if the book has not been released yet, Amazon will not allow you to review the book. Requesting a review to be completed prior to the release date will NOT allow the book to be reviewed on Amazon. I have two books that cannot be reviewed on Amazon at this very moment because they are not yet available for sale. 

  2. [email protected]

    Cypher's Mate

    by hm1porter

    Really enjoyed this book. Cypher is a Rockstar and also a shifter. Cloe is afraid to commit.. After her father gets angry the couple break up. I love books with a hapyy ending. This book has one with a lot of stuff going on. I will recommend the book to anyone who loves shifters.

    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  3. [email protected]

    This is a very stupid way for booksprout to verify outside reviews. I have already written my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads yet I can’t get the url to work which I have spent more than two hours trying to do. This is not a matter of life and death and it should not be this hard. I have been writing reviews for ARC’s for awhile and it has never been this difficult. I will never do an ARC  for an author who uses booksprout and that’s sad because the authors are the ones who loose. I’m not wasting another second of my time on booksprout.

  4. [email protected]

    This is ridiculous, this site makes it impossible to complete the fourth stage.

    Now they have stopped me from accessing any more books because I still have four outstanding reviews.

    If they bothered to check Amazon they would find it all completed!!!

    Email them for help and they don’t want to know. 


  5. [email protected]

    I have submitted my review and I have followed all the steps and pressed submit and it still does not go through how do you expect for readers to leave reviews of it doesn't work

  6. [email protected]

    My arc review is done.  I have followed the directions and have repeatedly tried to save the URL.  The save button will not lock it in.   I will not keep fighting a lost cause.  When  ARC fixes the problem let me know. [email protected]

  7. [email protected]

    Ive been trying for days (since 2 July) to leave my review however Amazon won't allow me to, giving me the message: To submit reviews, customers must make a minimum number of valid debit or credit card purchases. Prime subscriptions and promotional discounts don't qualify towards the purchase minimum.

    I don't know what to do!

  8. [email protected]

    Can't leave review on Amazon

    It say's

    To submit reviews, customers must make a minimum number of valid debit or credit card purchases. Prime subscriptions and promotional discounts don't qualify towards the purchase minimum.  For more information, see our Customer Review Guidelines.

    And now I can't move on to my next ARC...

  9. [email protected]

    I'm not able to leve a review on Amazon

    "Sorry, we are unable to accept your review of this product.


      Your previous review of this product did not comply with our Customer Reviews Guidelines. Amazon does not permit reviews from customers whose relationship to the product or seller may be perceived as biased.  "

    I have left a review one Goodreads, but cant compleat the form since I dont have one on amazon it seems like

  10. [email protected]

    “I frequently cannot get the url I need unless Amazon sends me a Posted email. If I go through their site, somerimesmI can get the url, sometimes not. Current review over due is an examble. I use Tablet or phone.”