FAQ: Can I use Booksprout for ARCs if I'm in KDP Select (Kindle Unlimited)?

Yes and no. When it comes to KDP's Select program, you agree to make your digital book available exclusively on Amazon during a 90 day period. That means that if your book is currently enrolled, then it's against the KDP Select program terms to make your ebook available on Booksprout.

If your book isn't yet published, but you plan to enroll it in KDP Select in the future, then you're free to do what you wish with it (including making an ARC on Booksprout). KDP Select's exclusivity clause only matters when the book is currently enrolled. If you're outside that 90 day period (either before or after) then you can make it available anywhere you wish.

If your book is currently enrolled and you wish to get reviews on it, we recommend that you un-check KDP's option to automatically re-enroll it. Then, mark it on your calendar when your book will be out of KDP Select. Once that day comes around, you can make an ARC on Booksprout for it!

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