Unsolicited Emails

There may be times when a reader contacts you through BookSprout either to ask for files or as a solicitation. We understand you may have questions about these emails. First, please know that we are continuously making improvements to our system to resolve this issue. Second, know that you never need to respond to an unsolicited message through BookSprout.

If at all possible, please forward these messages to [email protected] so that we can use this information to track down this source of spam.

If you need to know if the request, for example due to having "trouble" opening files, is legitimate, you can see if the person is listed as a reviewer for an ARC. To do this, go to your ARCs page, then where you see the number of copies claimed, click on that listing (for example 20/20 copies) and you will have the list of people who have requested an ARC from you. At this point, you are welcome to reply and refer the person to our support team. We're here to support you and help your readers and would be happy to answer any inquiries.

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