How to review on Bookbub

If you're new to reviewing on Bookbub, follow these steps to leave your review on their website and prove to Booksprout that you've completed your review.

Bookbub reviewing is currently only available to users with a US based Bookbub account. If you are not located in the US and would like to review on BookBub, you need to set your location to the US. Click here to learn how to do this.

Step 1

Click on the "Review" button. Depending on your device, it'll either be on the right side of the screen or just under the book's description.

Step 2

Next, you'll see a popup that will ask you for your opinion on the book.

Step 3

Once your review is completed and saved, you can scroll down to see it at the top of the review listings for the book. Click on your reviewer name to be taken to your profile.

Step 4

On your profile page, click on REVIEWS. Then, find the cover of the book you've just reviewed. Click on the cover and this will take you to the page with your review.

Step 5

Once you're on a page that shows only your review, we'll need the url to it. You can usually see this at the top of your browser. Copy that URL and move onto the next step.

Step 6

Once you have the URL to your review on Bookbub, head back to the ARC on Booksprout and paste it into the field provided.

Step 7

Scroll down to the bottom and click the "save" button.

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