How to Block a Reviewer

Authors have full control over their ARC team when using Booksprout to manage their ARCs. If you don't want a reviewer to participate in your pen name's future ARCs for any reason you deem fit, you can put a manual block on their account that will prevent their future participation.

NOTE: You can only block someone after they've either left a review on your book or they've cancelled their promise to do so.

Blocking someone from their review

The first way to block someone is through their review. Simply view their review and click the "Block from future ARCs" button then select a reason for blocking them. 

Blocking someone from their cancelled review promise

The second way to block someone is after they've cancelled their promise to review your ARC. The steps to do so are the exact same, except instead of viewing their review, you'll be viewing their cancellation reason.

Blocking non-reviewers

If there's an ARC participant who hasn't yet either left a review or cancelled their promise to do so, you cannot yet manually block them. These non-action reviewers can be automatically prevented from participating in your next ARC by selecting one of our freeloader prevention options.

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