Create a Review Team

To create a Review Team, visit your Teams page

  1. Click on the green "Create New" button below "My Teams".
  2. Add your Review Team name. Make sure it makes sense to your readers! If you don't already have a custom Team Name, you can always use "[Pen Name]'s Team".
  3. Add an image that represents your Team (optional). It can also be the profile picture of your Pen Name if you don't have a custom image.
  4. Add a description for your readers. If you have specific expectations for the readers who want to join your Team, now is the time to share them.
  5. If you're on the Bestselling Author or Publisher plan, select the disclaimer you would like to use.
  6. Add any email addresses you would like to automatically block from accessing your Review Campaigns. They will only be applied to Review Campaigns that have that specific Team selected.
  7. Add any email addresses you would like to automatically approve to your Team. If you already have a Team on your newsletter, you can add those email addresses here and when these people request to join your Team, they will be automatically accepted.
  8. Save by clicking the "Done" button.

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