Manage your Teams

To create a Team, visit your Teams page.

  1. Find the Team you want to manage on the page.
  2. Click the "Manage Team" link below it.

You now see all your Team members and their various statuses. The different statuses are:


They are people you've either invited to your team that have accepted your invitation, or people who have applied to join your team and you've accepted their request. They are a member of your team, which means they have access to the Review Campaigns run by this team even if they don't fit all the criteria. You should only add people to your own who you trust.

New Applicants

They are people who want to join your Team. They don't have to join your Team to be alerted when you create a new Review Campaign (they can follow your Pen Name instead). If you don't know or don't trust the person applying to join your Team, you can simply click on the "Reject" button. If you know and trust the person, you can add them to your Team by clicking on "Accept".


They are people who applied to join your Team at some point, but you clicked on the "Reject" button because you didn't want them to be a part of your Team. Rejected members don't have any special capabilities, we add them to your Team with the tag "Rejected" in case you would ever want to change your mind. If you've rejected someone by accident, you can click the green arrow next to their name and click "Accept" to add them to your Team.


They are people you have blocked from accessing Review Campaigns run by this Team. They won't have access to any other of your Review Campaigns unless you unblock them.

Invited by Author

They are people who you've invited to your Team but haven't responded yet. They won't be considered a Team Member (active) until they accept your invitation. If they don't accept, they will simply be removed from your Team. If they accept, they will become a Member.

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