Edit a Review Campaign

To edit a Review Campaign, you'll first need to visit your Review Campaigns page.

  1. Find the Review Campaign you want to edit on the page.
  2. Click the "Edit" button on the Review Campaign card.
  3. Click on "Edit Review Campaign details"
  4. Using the left-side navigation, you can skip to the step you need to edit.
  5. Make sure to save your changes by going to the last step and clicking "Done editing" when you're done.

Note that if you change the store requirements or the end date of an active Review Campaign, those changes will only be applied to the current participants only if the requirements are relaxed. If the requirements are tightened (earlier end date, more stores required, etc.) the changes will only apply to new participants. This is in place to be fair to readers who have claimed a copy of your book under a specific set of requirements and changing those requirements shouldn't penalize them.

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