Import Books from Amazon

To import a book from Amazon, visit your Book page

  1. Click on the green "Create New" button below "My Books".
  2. Click on "Import from Amazon"
  3. Select the pen name for that book. If the appropriate pen name is not showing in the list, you can follow this tutorial on how to create a pen name.
  4. Click "Select" on the book you want to import. If you are not seeing your book, try searching for it.
  5. Click "Import Selected" to navigate to the next page.
  6. Read over all the information on the page and make sure to add/edit anything that is missing/wrong. When you are happy with the content on the page, move to the next step.
  7. Click on "Step 3" to navigate to the next page.
  8. If your book is in a series, check that the series name is right.
  9. If your book is in a series, add the series number.
  10. Select the main book genre.
  11. Add keywords to describe the book. You can add up to 10 keywords of 30 characters max.
  12. Click on "Step 4" to navigate to the next page.
  13. Check "I certify that I will only upload files that I have the rights to distribute" if you have the rights to distribute the files you are about to upload.
  14. Upload a book file (either EPUB or PDF)
  15. If you have uploaded an EPUB, we will generate the other formats automatically, but you can also click on "Generate now" if you wish. You can also upload different formats manually.
  16. Click "Step 5" to navigate to the next page.
  17. Add the links to your book. If you don't have the links yet, you can skip to the next step and come back to add them later.
  18. Click on "Step 6" to navigate to the next page.
  19. Select how long your book is (optional)
  20. Select what audience your book is targeted to (optional)
  21. Save by clicking the "Done" button.

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