What to do after you create a review campaign?

After you create a review campaign, there are a few good things you can do.

Share your review campaign with your readers

In order to get the most out of Booksprout, you'll want to make sure you share the link to your review campaign with anyone who might be interested in reviewing your book. This will help you collect more reviewers and start building your Booksprout following/team!

To learn how to share your review campaign, you can read our tutorial that explains it.

We recommend sharing it with your newsletter, social media following, and anyone else who likes your type of book. Existing fans are a great place to start when building your team of superfans!

Be patient

Yup, we know it's hard. But once you create a review campaign, it's a lot like waiting for sales to roll in. Reviewers need time to discover your book on Booksprout, so once you create your review campaign it's best to get back to writing and check back later!

As you start getting downloads, you'll see the number of claimed copies increase. Once you start getting reviews (it can take some time!), you'll start seeing those show up too!

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