How do you prevent freeloaders from downloading my books?

We have quite a few features in place to prevent readers from downloading too many books without actually leaving their reviews.

Reviewer Rank

Our main feature is the reviewer rank, which is especially good a limiting new accounts from downloading too many books. That way, a person that is hit by a lot of restrictions on their account can't just go and create a new account to avoid those restrictions.

Reviewers will have to complete at least 1 review campaign to have access to more weekly downloads.

For more information about the current Reviewer Rank limitation, you can take a look at your Reviewer Rank.

Prevent Readers with Outstanding Reviews from Participating

When creating a review campaign, you can make sure that under the "Availability" tab, you select "No" to "Should we allow reviewers with outstanding reviews on this team to participate?". That way, you can make sure that anyone who has an outstanding due review for any other review campaigns run by that same team won't have access to your book.

Blocking Readers at any time

You can block a reader from accessing your book at any point. If they have already claimed a review copy from you, you won't be able to stop them from having access to that copy, but you can stop them from having access to any other copies by blocking them from your team(s).

To learn how to block a reader, please refer to this tutorial.

Access to our Top Vetted Reviewers

If you are on our Bestselling or Publisher plan, you can also decide to run a review campaign that is only available to our top-vetted reviewers, which have been manually approved. Our support staff has taken the time to look at their profile and make sure they are leaving genuine reviews in the right places.

If you want to make sure your books are downloaded by our best reviewers only, don't hesitate to upgrade your account!

Piracy Prevention

To make sure that our readers don't share their review copies with others, we've made sure to tag every book that is downloaded on Booksprout. If you ever find a review copy and you aren't sure if it originated from Booksprout, you can upload it on our Report a Pirate page. If it came from Booksprout, our admin team will be alerted of who that copy came from and that reader will be automatically blocked.

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