How to Review on Apple Books

If you're new to reviewing on Apple Books, follow these steps to leave your review on their website and prove to Booksprout that you've completed your review.

NOTE: You will need an Apple device to complete a review on Apple Books. The following steps apply to iPhones, iPods, and any other iOS devices.

Step 1 - Get your review on Booksprout

  1. On the Booksprout website or app, navigate to the My Review Copies page.
  2. Find the book you are ready to review under the "Due" tab.
  3. Click "Continue Review" under the book information.
  4. Click on "Apple Books".
  5. Copy your review.
  6. Click on "Review on Apple Books".

Step 2 - Add your review to Apple Books

  1. On iOS devices, you might be asked to open this page in Apple Books. If so, click "Open."
  2. The book should now open in Apple Books. Click on "Reviews" then "Write a Review"
  3. Add your star rating.
  4. Add a review title.
  5. Paste your review.
  6. Click "Send" when you are satisfied with your review.

Step 3 - Confirm your review on Booksprout

  1. On Booksprout, find the book this review is for on the My Review Copies page.
  2. Click on "Continue Review".
  3. Click on "Apple Books".
  4. If you have left your review, click "Yes" under "Have you completed the review on Apple Books?"
  5. Click "Done".

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